Training & Services

Woodland Farms provides an array of training programs that are suitable for our clients needs, as we are dedicated to finding a program that works best for each rider and horse.

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Full Training:

Our full-training program is provided five days a week.  It includes daily care, lessons, and professional rides.  This typically entails three to four instructed lessons and one to two professional schooling rides each week.  This program includes turnouts and lunges, maintenance grooming (i.e. mane pulling and show clipping), and standing for vet, chiropractic, and masseuse calls and visits.

Half Training

The half-training program is a service that includes three days of any combination of lessons and/or professional rides.  Turnouts, lunges, and maintenance grooming are not included in this program.

Lay-up Training:

We offer a lay-up training service for horses that are recovering from injuries and/or are coming back into work.  This service is provided five days a week and includes hand walking or walking under saddle (up to twenty minutes each day).  Additionally, wrapping and icing of legs, distribution of any medication or special feeding needed for the horse at that time, standing for vet calls as necessary, and providing any other care indicated by the veterinarian are also provided under lay-up training.  The owner will provide necessary wraps and medications.

**Lay-up training is offered to horses that cannot be ridden for more than three weeks due to an injury.  Once the horse is able to walk-trot under saddle, full training rates will apply; this is due to the amount of time being spent riding while trying to get the horse into working condition.

Additional Services: (Some prices may vary, please see Chrissy for more details)

  • Full Grooming: $200.00

Full grooming is offered to clients who are in either full or half training. This service includes full tack-up prior to rides and full tack-down after rides. This also includes supplement/medication distribution depending on the horses needs.

  • Blanketing: $60.00

This is a service provided each month once it is cold enough for our horses to be blanketed during the winter.  Blankets are put on each evening and taken off the following morning.

  • Supplements and Medication Distribution:  $50.00

If your horse uses supplements or any medication on a daily basis, we will care for those needs on days when the owner/rider cannot come down to the barn.

  • Body Clipping:  Ponies $125.00            Horses $150.00

Full body clipping is another service provided at an additional charge; Cris, our head groom, does all of the body clippings.

  • Supervised Care-day: $100.00

This is a one a day week (Monday) care package that is offered to full-training clients to have their horse(s) turned out, lunged, hand-walked, or put on the hotwalker. Please see Chrissy for more details.

  • Chiropractic and Massage Care

We work with other specialists to provide services such as chiropractic and masseuse care for our horses to ensure they are comfortable and in the best physical state possible. 

Miscellaneous Services:

 The following services are all included in the full training package but are listed here with prices for those clients who are not in full training but wish to use them.

  • Daily Grooming: $15.00/day
  • Mane Pull: $25.00
  • Show Clip (face, ears, and legs): $25.00
  • Turnouts: $15/day
  • Lunges: $25.00/day
  • Hand-walks and standing for vet calls: $25.00/half hour