What To Expect on Your First Horseback Riding Lesson

One of the first (and most important!) things you will do at Woodland Farms is meet the lesson horses at our barn. We have several from who to choose from, and teach on at different levels.

Once we assess your age, size and riding skill, we will decide the pony or horse that is best for you. You will also meet the the head trainer, Chrissy, as well as the assistant and grooms on our team.

We are going to help you become a true horseman by teaching you about the several aspects of safety, good care for your horse, and why it’s not just about riding! You are going to see where the horses live, and how to bring them to where you will be learning to groom, get them ready for your ride, and after the lesson, untack them.

As this becomes more natural to you or your child, you can come ahead of your lesson to do all of this and have more time in the saddle. Whether you want to ride competitively or recreationally, we can help you achieve your goals and enjoy the equestrian sport!