Lesson / Lease Programs

We believe that every rider should have a strong foundation and understanding of how to work with and handle a horse. With this said, this is a big part of how we approach our beginning riding lessons. Lessons are approximately one hour long; we will provide a lesson horse or pony that is suitable for the riders’ needs and teach them how to work with their horse while grooming and tacking them up before rides, as well as untacking and preparing them to go back home when finished. It is important for our riders to have a bond with their horse as well as learn responsibility through caring for them.

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**Services, pricing and/or the programs described may change at any time without notice.

Individual Lesson Rates:

Private Lesson: $85.00

Monthly Lesson Rates on a Lesson Horse:

1x a week lessons: $280.00 (One ride each week)

2x a week lessons: $520.00 (beginners only, inquire for advanced lesson pricing)

3X a week lessons: $780.00 (beginners only, inquire for advanced lesson pricing)

*beginners are walk, trot, canter. Inquire for advanced lesson pricing for jumping*

Half-Leasing Lesson Rates:

The below rates are not inclusive of the half lease charge.  A half lease provides the rider access to the same horse up to three days a week.

2x a week lessons: $520.00 (Two lessons or two schooling rides each week)

3x a week lessons: $670.00 (Three lessons or three schooling rides each week)

**24-hour notice of cancelled lessons is required in order to avoid charges.**

All riders need to have long pants and some type of riding boot to begin riding; we have helmets and half-chaps that new riders can use until they decide whether they are going to continue with their lessons. If the rider continues with his or her lessons, they will need to purchase proper riding pants, a certified helmet, and half chaps or tall field boots. Below is a list of local tack stores that sell both riding apparel and tack.

Mary’s Tack &Feed

American Horse Products

Ortega Tack & Feed

Horse Duds

  • Located at Sycamore Trails in San Juan Capistrano
  • Sells both used and new apparel and tack
  • (949) 661-1481
  • http://www.horseduds.com