Camps and Arranged Workshops

Woodland Farms is now welcoming camps and workshops to the program! Our camps are dedicated to teaching new riders the ins and outs of horseback riding; this includes horse safety, instruction on how to clean and prepare our horses for riding, and the basics of riding. Woodland Farms also offers one-day workshops where students (in small groups) receive an introductory lesson to horseback riding. Please contact Kelli if you are interested in scheduling a workshop or camp for your young riders!

Summer Camp Schedule TBA

All of our camps are 5 days long (M-F), running from 10a.m.-1p.m. and are $500 per rider. While enrolled in our summer camps you will be participating in the following activities scheduled throughout the duration of the program:

  • Tour of the barn Following safety precautions while working around horses.
  • Grooming class Learn how to properly brush your horse, clean hooves, and make them sparkle!
  • Tack-up This is where you will learn what equipment is needed to ride your horse, such as what saddle, bridle, girth, boots, etc.
  • Riding Our professionals will be guiding you through and teaching you the basics of riding so by the end of the camp you will feel like a pro!
  • After-care You will learn how to un-tack your horse and prepare to take it back to it’s home at the end of your ride.
  • Bathing When it gets hot, even our horses need a shower! We will be instructing how to properly bathe your horse while having fun doing it.
  • Feeding There are many different types of feed we give to our horses, so we will be instructing on what foods horses should and should not be eating.
  • Veterinary and Farrier Here you will learn parts of the horses body with fun games; you will also learn basic veterinary care and the importance of having a good farrier.
  • Horse Related Activities You will be learning about different breeds and colors of horses, markings, body language & signals, tack parts, etc!
  • Arts and crafts with horses!
  • Favorite horse books and movies!
  • Last day pizza party!

Please call Chrissy to enroll in camp when summer comes! (949) 230-9660